Starting My Journey through #90Days2MCSA

Hello Everyone! I apologize for my months disappearance from blogging, it’s been a busy March and will continue to be busy throughout TechEd! That is not a bad thing, and I will strive to increase my blogging. One thing that is going to help me in the interim is my Journey to my Server 2012 MCSA!

Michael Bender along with MS Learning has made a push for people to obtain their MCSA with the #90Days2MCSA Challenge, this is a fantastic idea is a great way as a community for everyone to improve their skills.

I’d like to start off by saying I may be a featured certification success story on the 90Days2MCSA site; however I do not have my Server 2012 MCSA yet and that means I get to participate! I’ve been hiding in the shadows and doing some studying with the official Microsoft Press 70-417 Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012.

After having initially read through the book which I strongly recommend buying I realized that this was going to help with what’s new, but I needed to be reminded of some of the older stuff that I never work with but is included in the exam. I had already set a deadline of 1 week to take the exam so I had to get organized and organized fast!

I decided to leverage my mad OneNote skills and used the Skills measured section of the Microsoft Learning site for this exam. I went ahead and laid out the same bullet list they had – minus the paragraph of text going in more detail, and I created sub pages. Once those sub pages I’ve inserted a check list of things I have to get accomplished. This is going to be a living document that I touch daily and study.

I would strongly recommend everyone do the same because it’ll give you the ability to log what you use to study, and add to it from any device you want! Now to be kind I’ve made my template and initial start at To-Do’s available for download. This is a very rough copy and I will expand it and make sure I also update the wiki section of MS Learning you will find below.


Note: Many Thanks to SkyDrive for ability to share file and pictures easily!

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  1. Please keep in mind the pre-populated items on my OneNote Layout and To-Do list is designed for ME, so far the content comes from things I have access to or are already listed on the Wiki pages that I’ve picked out to focus on. You may be able to find things you need to study that I do not feel I need to and I strongly recommend you build a personal To-Do list!

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