TechEd Day 1 Summary

Day 1 is coming to a close as I write it sitting pool side using the Samsung Series 7 Slate. I have learned a lot of new cool stuff is coming to the Microsoft world in the area of virtualization. However I am disappointed in the lack of technical knowledge that I’ve gained.

It is not that the technical knowledge wasn’t available, it was that I spent my day taking certifications. I started my day early at 7:30am for the Twitter Army, which lead up to going into the TechEd Keynote, I had to leave the keynote early to get to my first certification exam.

Once I finished the first certification I headed over to the Geeks With Blogs blogger hub to wrap up the Day 0 Summary, followed by meeting up with some friends for lunch, and going to take another certification. Once I finished the second certification I was mentally drained for the day and incapable of listening to the PowerShell Remoting session I went to attend. I headed back to the hotel to relax during the last session and headed back for the TechExpo Welcome Reception.

The TechExpo was rough on me, however I still managed to make it around a d have some good conversations, conversations specifically with @MSLearning and found out they are having a party tomorrow night at Howl at The. Moon which was so much fun Sunday I figured I’d come back again! I also stopped by the Microsoft Connect area and spoke with the about the Microsoft  Virtual Academy which I already use.

Once I finished scouring the floor looking for freebies I headed back to the hotel and made the decision to take it easy tonight, blog and regenerate for tomorrows exams.

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