#60Days2MCSE I Failed

Today is the day that I was hoping to call myself an MCSE, I am thrilled to hear that some who have taken the challenge have completed it and I am not shy to admit to my failure. This is not the first time that I’ve failed an exam and I am 100% positive it will not be the last. However I feel that this failure is the most beneficial to me because I have a greater understanding of what needs to be focused on, and what can be completely ignored.

While taking the exam I noticed it is mostly OpsMgr, followed by ServiceMgr, Orchestrator, Runbook Designer, and finally VMM. My exam was 40 questions long and some of them were complete guesses that I had to make. When asked what they tested on the best I can really describe is a lot on integrating the pieces and even more on setting up monitoring and reporting.

If you are at TechEd this week I strongly encourage you go take the exam even if you have never touched it in your life, because at least on you have taken you, you know what to focus on.

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