TechEd 2013 is Coming!

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting but this is super important! Tech Ed 2013 registration will be opening on February 12th so make sure you start begging your bosses for approval to go to this conference. I am lucky enough that I received my approval already and plan on booking everything as soon as registration opens. I strongly recommend you read on to know how to make the best out of your TechEd experience, with much more content on this subject to come as time gets closer.

About TechEd:

Stolen from the TechEd Site “Microsoft’s Premiere Event for IT Professionals & Enterprise Developers.” That is a very basic explanation of what TechEd is, for me it is a chance to network, learn and get very little sleep and love every minute of it for 4 days.

TechEd gives you the option of listening to some of the most brilliant minds in the Microsoft IT world talk about the technology the love and want to help others learn about. It gives you a chance to use their huge hands on lab area to jump right in and work with the technology when you are learning about it. TechEd gives you the chance to take all those certifications you have been holding off on taking because work is keeping you too busy, and finally it gives you an opportunity to meet people from around the world who love the same thing you love, learning about new technology and trying to know every little bit about it.


Microsoft TechEd 2013 will be June 3rd – 6th in New Orleans, Louisiana.


TechEd registration isn’t open yet, but it will be soon! It will be opening February 12th on the TechEd website. The Early Bird Registration fee is $1,895 which is $300 off the final price. They normally have an Academic and Student pricing which has not yet been announced but in previous years Student pricing was $995 and Academic was a little bit more around $1,200.


Some of you are probably not the most social of us (I admit it, I am preaching to myself!) So networking can be very challenging and small talk even worse. So I’ve found the best way to do that is to get involved with @TheKrewe, I have met so many amazing friends and been able to network myself in a way I could never have imagined thanks to TechEd and TheKrewe. The best way to connect with everyone in TheKrewe is through Facebook.

About #TheKrewe:

The best way to learn about #TheKrewe is by reading my post #IAMKREWE, Should you? In this post I discuss what my experience was like last year going from not knowing anyone to knowing quite a few, but no where near everyone because there is over 400 Krewe members.

Finally the best way to learn about TechEd and TheKrewe is by looking at all the pictures!

Click the picture to view all pictures I took last year at TechEd 2012. Thanks to Skydrive for having the capability to embed my entire directory!
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