Now that #IAMKREWE, how the hell do I meet you?

As I sit here reflecting on my last 2 years being with #TheKrewe I was thinking. There are quite a few new people this year and the majority of you are probably like me when I joined and have NO IDEA how you are going to meet new people. So I’ve decided it would be good to share some helpful tips on socializing with other members of #TheKrewe


The Basics:

  • Get on Twitter use hash tag #TheKrewe and #IAMKREWE
  • Join
  • Join the Facebook Group
  • Attend evening events (Ex: #TheKrewe Sunday Meet ‘N Greet, #TheKrewe Monday Mixer, etc)

Breaking Out of Shell:

Now this is where I have a horrible time and I am lucky enough to have already started meeting people online, once I’ve met someone online it makes it much easier for me to talk to them in person. You may be different and may be more outgoing than me and if that is the case you will be golden!

  • When attending evening events
    • Introduce yourself to other groups (Super hard for me to do)
    • Start talking about work
    • Find other people from same State/Country as you (I met 3 people from my State last year I didn’t know before!)
    • Share your charging station, good chance to talk when you are waiting for a phone/tablet to charge!

Lets get Advanced:

  • Find common interest, meet up other nights of TechEd
  • See someone hiding in corner all quite? Go engage with them, make a friend even though they may not be the most social they are out at night so they want to meet people!
  • Stay in touch after TechEd, never know when you need that Lync admin you met at TechEd
  • Stay active on Twitter/ group, these are friends for life now!

I know a lot of this is very general, but I can’t give you a set instruction on how to meet people, that is why I am so horrible at it! However if you are willing to help people, they are willing to help you. If you want to make new friends, so does everyone else at these evening events. If they didn’t they would stay hidden in hotel room playing with the new tech they learned that day.


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