Storage Space Virtual Disk Disconnected on Restart

So I recently had to rebuild my Server 2012 virtual server. I had storage spaces setup and after I finished the install the Virtual Disk was not mounted. I realized that I was able to bring it all back online, but every restart it had to remount the VHD.

I had decided there must be a way to fix it and decided to see what the properties were within PowerShell. I ran a Get-VirtualDisk which showed me my single VHD (pictured below)

I was thrilled when I saw the IsManualAttach property, with a simple execution of Set-VirtualDisk Data -IsManualAttach 0, I executed a Get-VirtualDisk and verified it took the settings change. After a restart the VirtualDisk was already mounted and resolved my problem with only two PowerShell commands.

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  1. so you are saying that IsManualAttach was originally set to true and that you set this to false.

    Set-VirtualDisk -FriendlyName "name" -IsmanualAttach 0

  2. THANKS also from me. I’m new to VM storage so this would have taken me a wile to figure out.

  3. thanks Matt! No, THANKS!!! 😀

  4. Brilliant! I couldn’t figure out why the VHDs kept unmounting on reboot – thanks Matt! P.S. For others, make sure you are running PowerShell as an admin.

  5. Nice find, Thanks Bro

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