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I’ve been running websites for nearly a decade now and I’ve always been interested in what brings in actual consistent visitors. In my early web days I was doing things just for fun, then I jumped into providing services. Eventually I moved back to fun and running a gaming news website. I noticed that with gaming news what was so important was being the first to post a release and getting it out there.

Well I started blogging about my career just over a year ago and I have always had very minimal visitors, after all it’s a nitch market and I do not post very frequently. I always dedicated myself to useful information or at a bear minimum original content that was completely off topic of my blog. I would get a spike in visitors obviously because I share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Something very odd happened recently though, I began getting a bunch of comments on a post that was over a month old, the first thing I thought was well maybe I’ve gone up in Google search results, I checked Google Analytics and that wasn’t it but I definitely saw an increase.

I continued to dig deeper and found where the traffic was coming from, a site called WinSuperSite. I had never heard of them so I figured I’d take a look, I saw nothing in recent news mentioning my blog so I did a search on their site and found the article. It was basically the one that was receiving all of the hits and I thought sweet they shared my original content!

After reading through the article I saw no mention of me. So I searched on the page my blog, boom a comment that was just one off where someone was explaining a way to accomplish what the article’s purpose was using my method.


After the user posted this information I have consistently been receiving more than triple my average visitors when I am not posting new content. I let this go throughout the holidays and I am still seeing the same results. So I finally came to the conclusion that Sharing original content you find online is truly the best thing you can do if you are a reader. So I would like to thank woodyu388 for being a reader and even better sharing my blog!

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