Exploring Windows Management Framework 5.0 May 2014 Preview

The Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview was released in early April, and an update to it was posted during Microsoft TechEd in May. Some major things are changing with PowerShell; the main one being that new versions of PowerShell are not going to be tied to major OS releases. PowerShell will be released as it is ready, and then added into the OS for the latest version.

Two of the major changes with PowerShell v5.0 include two new modules; the OneGet Module and the PowerShellGet Module. In this blog post we are going to explore some of the basics for these modules. If you would like to play with the Windows Management Framework 5.0, if can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. Please note that this is preview code and should not be used in production. You are using this at your own risk and I strongly encourage testing it on the VM until the final code is released.

Please note that this is just a very quick overview of the modules and we will dive into more depth on them in upcoming blog posts.