Monthly Archives: August 2018

Using PowerShell with RESTful API’s – BirdDogHR API Module

In the last few months at work we have been putting a concentrated effort on integrating different cloud hosted systems with our on-premise systems. This usually means using some kind of ETL Tool to interact with an API and either use an API with the on-premise application or dumping directly into a Database.

When we decided to start automating some of our Onboarding Processes the hurdle came up that the ETL Tool isn’t going to trigger Account Creation and other IT related actions. My logical thought was I can interact with an API using PowerShell! I had done this a little bit in the past but nothing significant – so I had a bit of learning to do!

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Life Update

This blog has been quite dead for a while now. Never fear I am still around! Life has been busy, work has been busy, and I really took a step back from being on the computer 24×7.

I took a new job back in 2015 which lead me to believe I would have tons of free time – not the case; but not exactly a bad thing. Being out of consulting did free up a lot of my schedule and gave me a chance to focus more on my social life and my personal health. In-fact after settling into my new job (About 6 months!) I decided to put a huge focus on my weight. I had gotten all the way up to 245-250 lbs., I had low energy, it was extremely hard for me to do anything due to weight in combination with my Muscular Dystrophy and enough was enough. I started exercising using a manual chair around the house in late January of 2016 – I took a serious focus into my diet in early March of 2016. I am happy to say I am down to 185 lbs. I have had a hard time since December of last year losing weight and I am going to be putting a big focus into dropping another 20 lbs.

Now that my health is in better shape, I am spending tons of time with friends and exercising semi-regularly. With the weight loss I am not having nearly as much of an issue with my muscle weakness from my Muscular Dystrophy and I am even walking around the house/neighborhood and shopping some!

Last time I tried kick-starting this blog was with the HoloLens – it was a fun experience but quickly died off due to the learning curve to get into programming and me trying to balance my health/social & work life. Keep in mind this blog is completely outside of my work life and tends to consume into other parts of life that I just couldn’t dedicate to.

I am not going to commit to regular updates on this blog; however, I do have some stuff I’ve been working on recently that I am going to be posting in the coming weeks. So please keep tuned to this blog!