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The Krewe T-Shirt Design Contest

As announced on The Krewe Facebook and Twitter we are holding a T-Shirt design contest for this year’s Meet N Greet. Below in this blog post I’ve listed some of the rules of the design and instructions on how to submit your design. Please note that upon submission your design will not appear immediately. It’ll require approval for me to post and I’ll do that a couple times throughout the day as time permits.

The Rules:

  • Front Only
  • Full Size Design
  • 2 color max
  • Max Two Submissions Per Person (Quality not Quantity)
  • High Resolution Image (At least 300 DPI)

The Prizes:

  • An Amazon Gift Card
  • A shirt designed by you signed by Michael Bender

How to Submit:

Send an email to by May 18th 2012 with the image attached (preferably an HTML email with shirt design in it) and a subject with a title for the shirt, try to be creative. Whichever email you submit the design with will be the person contacted about winning to get further information.

The email you send will be posted on this blog as a new post in “#TheKrewe Shirt Contest” category (after I approve it.)

How to Vote:

On May 18th a rating system will be implemented on this blog, it will give you the ability to rate blog post. Whichever design has the highest rating (tie breaker will be number of votes) will be the winner. I do ask that you only rate one blog post a 5 to help limit the number of tie breakers.

Voting will only be open from May 18th – May 20th (in evening)