About Me


I am a Systems Architect at Gaylor Electric, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. I am the President for the Indianapolis PowerShell User Group. I hold my MCTS, MCITP, MCSA and most recently became an MCT. Now if you want the full story read on! You can also get a summary of my credentials on the My Credentials page.

High School Graduation Photo, June 2008

Summer 2008

The story starts in the Summer of 2008, I was nervous because I was about to start college in a couple of months. I am going through the standard freak-outs most students go through before college, I had no idea what to expect I was a mole who stayed in my room and played on the computer constantly. I had a semi successful website called PSN@Home which at one point was in the top 100,000 in the world according to Alexa. I learned that I was required to take a “Summer Bridge” program because of one of my scholarships which I figured would SUCK! Once it rolled around I loved it! As a matter of fact one day in class we had to write a small HTML file just to get an experience of a couple different things, funny part was that there were no computers for me to use so I had to use the presentation computer, which happened to have the projector on. I figured I would take this opportunity to show off and I pulled up my website, told the professor hey look I own this. She was quite impressed and asked if I would be interested in a job. Wasn’t anything official and kind of died out until I started at IUPUI. My first month of school I knew I wanted to start working, I had wanted to do that before starting in school but never was able to get a job. I went ahead and posted my resume on a job site the school ran called JagJobs. I received a call from University College Technology Services, which they had also gotten my resume from the Director of the department who did a presentation during my Summer Bridge Program. I went in for an interview and the next day I had a call that they would like to hire me as a Support Technician. This was great! However the week before that call I had met with my professor from the Summer Bridge Program who was pushing through a background check on me so that I could be her Web Master. So I started both jobs in September of 2008 which made me a Student, Web Master, Support Technician all in one. This was a lot of work for a full time student working two IT jobs for a total of 30 hours a week however I was loving it! I continued working both jobs until April 2010 when I decided to leave the Web Masterposition because it just was something I enjoyed doing more as a hobby not a profession.

Power Soccer of IUPUI Information Table, August 2010

Summer 2010

I was not without two jobs for long because in June 2010 another opportunity came along to make me a Server Administrator for the Anatomy & Cell Biology Department at the Indiana University School of Medicine. I decided to stay with my job as a Support Technician because I loved working there and I loved the interaction I got to have with all of the employees there fixing their issues.

Spring 2011

When the Spring 2011 semester rolled around I had to enroll in a “Career Planning/Placement” class which I thought would be a total blow off so I was excited to get it over with. I have never underestimated a class as much as I did this course. I feel that I gained so much from it not just academically; I also got my next job thanks to this course! We were required to do a Mock Interview at a company related to our field in the Indianapolis Area. I had to choose between Slingshot SEO and Apparatus. I didn’t really know anything about either of them so I leaned over to my buddy who I was taking the class with and ask him which one. He told me that Apparatus is good so I figured alright I’ll go there. During my mock interview I was asked if I would be interested in coming back in for a real interview and I thought… YES! I returned back to campus and the person I interviewed with had already added me on LinkedIn, I sent her a thank you letter and asked to follow up on the interview. We scheduled the job interview for a couple weeks later and during that time I started following the job recruiter on Twitter. I started really digging around trying to find connections to Apparatus and found quite a few. When the interview came around they knew I was going to Microsoft Tech Ed 2011 in Atlanta Georgia. The interview went great and I was told that the CTO of Apparatus Ben Frame wanted to meet up with me at Tech Ed which was only 1 week away.

Tech Ed 2011 Closing Party at Coke-A-Cola Museum

Summer 2011

While in Tech Ed I was relaxing in the hotel for a short bit from a crazy day at the Conference Center. I checked my email and saw that I had a job offer to become a Systems Analyst at Apparatus. I was thrilled and immediately accepted it. The only bad part of this whole thing is I had to leave my first job ever as a Support Technician, I had tons of friends there but it was time to move on. I informed them of my two week notice and two weeks later I started at Apparatus!

Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 semester for me was not as challenging as I was expecting. The curriculum was easy; however what was challenging was that I was working 30-45 hours a week while taking 12 credit hours on my last semester. During this semester I was approved by Apparatus to go to Microsoft Tech Ed a second year in a row. Near the end of this semester I started the #60Days2MCSE challenge which just made finals week even more interesting. I made it through the first exam of the #60Days2MCSE and finals. I feel this semester was a great accomplishment to complete and I was thrilled I completed it.

Summer/Winter 2012

A lot of things happened this year. I had an amazing time at TechEd North America, I made tons of new friends in #TheKrewe, and I had lost my boss in a motorcycle accident. It was a very crazy summer, but things calmed down towards the end and the winter brought some great things. I continued working, with some major changes happening to internal teams at work, we combined our team with another one so I had gotten a new boss and I also worked with one of my previous bosses to get the Indianapolis PowerShell User Group going again.

During early 2013 (Still winter 2012 to me!) I met with John Gullion and we set out plans to get #IndyPoSh going, we decided we would do a joint presentation and get a lot of time to promote it. With lots of hard work we had a fantastic first meeting at the beginning of March with 28 in attendance that made my first presentation was very exciting!

Spring/Summer 2013

I have now presented at multiple events including the IndyPoSh user group twice, IndyPASS once and the VMUG Conference. I have obtained my MCSA in Server 2012 and I am also an MCT. Moving forward I will not be posting seasonal updates; but you will be able to find important information in my blog posts and if it is a major update my summary at the top will be updated.